"Spring Cleaning Your Email List"

5 Tips to Clean your Email Marketing List

1. Make Sure You Practice Good List Hygiene:

Check your list for simple errors such as typos or misspellings of email address. This will make sure your emails all go to the correct place.

2. Track Your Feedback Loops :

When sending an email to bulk members it is important to check your complaints. People often look for the fastest solution to a problem. This means it may be easier for a member to mark your email as spam rather than find and click the unsubscribe link. When you regularly monitor your feedback, you can locate those who complain and quickly remove them from your mailing list.

3. Manage Your Sender Reputation:

Keeping your list clean and removing your complaining email addresses will have a positive effect on your senders reputation. This is important because a poor senders reputation will affect the deliverability of your messages and can cause your IP address to become blacklisted.

4. Determining What To Do With Your Bounces:

There are two types of bounces, soft and hard. A soft bounce is a temporary problem, such as a member with a full inbox. These mailings can be attempted again later. Hard bounces are permanent errors, such as an invalid email address. These addresses should be removed immediately. Continuing to email these will affect your sender reputation.

5. Who Are Your Active Subscribers:

More is not always better, you want active participators in your marketing list. If a member has never opened your emails or have suddenly stopped, you should first try a reengagement campaign, if they still don't open your email it is best you remove them from your list. These subscribers won't generate intrest or revenue for you and what's worse they could delete, block or report your messages as spam.

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